The Adventures of James Ruesch in the Business Realm

by James Ruesch on April 08, 2016

If I can do it, anyone can! - a business story

I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~Thomas Jefferson

james as a businessman

W hen I first started my journey in business, I wasn't equipped with any formal education. I didn't know those theories one learns from class, I didn't had the chance to memorize the principles of management, and I could not enumerate the types of business models. The only thing that made me pursue my dreams was my strong determination to become a better person and have a better life.

The road seemed riddled with unending obstacles but sooner I learned that through innovative ideas and willingness to take risks, I could be whatever I wanted to be—everything was possible. I worked my way up, starting from the construction industry, I later established one of the largest commercial landscape companies in the state of Nevada.

Unfortunately, it's not always sunny in business.

big city

After enjoying years of prosperity, Real Estate crashed in California, sending a herd of hungry companies with intentions of doing little more than bid work to cover their equipment payments. This incident shook me at first but made me realized an opportunity to sell like never before.

After selling the company, a friend led me to a new business venture in California, a law firm. During the country's economic downturn, bankruptcies were all over. Unexpectedly, this disastrous incident opened up a great chance for our new company. This is where I learned how to find opportunity in any economy, in any situation.

Unfortunately, it's not always fair in business.

competition at its best

Long standing law firms began to meet privately to discuss how to address our company's success. Whenever our firm would sign a new contract, some law firm down the road was going without. They could not accept the fact that a rookie was dominating their field. Eventually, local firms came up with something ridiculous and filed a complaint, which affected our company's standing. One night, after coming across a stranger who threatened us in a dark parking lot, we decided to close the company and part ways. We may be willing to risk dollars but never EVER the lives of our family and colleagues.

I, then, returned to my family in Vegas, feeling miserable and depressed. Yet, it was during that time when I began to appreciate the support of my family. I realized that money will come and go through out a person's life but no amount of success will ever compensate for an unsuccessful family. I recommitted myself to put family first.

Fortunately, my journey didn't end there.

A gain, I was back on track, setting foot on another venture, the scrapbook industry. I established the first trade magazine, which featured trends and retail solutions and was published 6 times a year. I also took the chance in market research and campaign management. In the following year, I became part of an international consulting organization for retailers in the memories industry. Then, eventually, I also started a motor company, an original equipment manufacturer of high-end performance vehicles

Unfortunately, it's not always sunny in business.

business in America

The Great Recession. It was the most difficult period in America. The global financial crisis affected every institution, including banks, corporations, and of course, the companies I built. Millions of dollars were lost and not a single bank was willing to offer a loan. So, again, I messed up.

Unfortunately, it's not always fair in business.

strong competitive character

One of the great lessons I had learned was that you cannot please everybody and while you achieve something great, someone out there would feel downgraded. It was during the recession that my competitors finally found a weak spot. Because of another economic downturn and being unable to handle the situation well, I dropped my companies and suffered false accusations and defamation from god-knows-who-they-are people who would not even reveal their real names.

Fortunately, my journey didn't end there.

Today, I am leading a CEO adviser company that focuses on areas of international sourcing and logistics, including media and marketing strategies. I am also the current CEO of a promising Web development company that provides system solutions to different establishments. My companies have expanded to Asia and in the near hopeful future, I envision them to dominate the industries they are in.

Life is full of unfortunatelys and fortunatelys. You are glued in a rolling wheel. One day you're on top, the next day you're at the bottom, the next day you're on top again. It's not always sunny, sometimes life's unfair; but, what is important is that as long as you are alive, your journey continues—it doesn't end there.

life cycle of business

Do not give up.